Professional athletes are not the only ones who need a stellar sports highlight reel — student athletes are competing heavily for a limited number of scholarships and actively looking for ways to stand out from their thousands of competitors. When you need a professional and targeted sports video, contact Elevate Media to get started.

Recruitment Reels

You can’t expect college or professional coaches to wade through hours of video from each new potential recruit, but if you make a quick highlight reel available with your best moves, it may help you move to the top of their recruiting list. Student athletes often receive a portion of their college tuition paid, and a lucky few are able to receive full grants or scholarships for continuing education — all for the low cost of a professionally-created sports video.

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Highlight Packages

Creating a highlight package of your greatest moments in sports history provides you with memories that will last a lifetime, but a full highlight package captures not only the moments on the field but also the times leading up to your big victories. We help capture the emotion, drive and determination that were required to make that season-ending play or unbelievable throw and tie it together with exceptional editing capabilities and storytelling talent. Our sports videos are a great way to end the year and provide a keepsake to families of all of the hard work and teamwork that goes into creating a team, and are ideal for showing at year-end banquets or trophy presentation ceremonies.

Cross-Sport Films

Leverage video footage from across a variety of sports to highlight an athletes prowess, or create a reel that will encourage new students to join your sports leagues. Regardless of how you decide to utilize our services, you’ll find editors and video pros who truly understand sports and the best way to capture the exciting images that will leave your audience breathless.

Contact Elevate Media today for your free no-obligation estimate and initial project review. Whether you’re creating a highlight video for your student athlete, showing your spirit or recruiting for your team, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that every sports video is exceptional.