Do you need to shoot a few customer reference videos, or support a new product launch with live demonstrations? Our professional corporate video production services provide you with the creativity and flexibility to tell your story in a way that will impact your audience and create an emotional connection.

Inform and Persuade Your Audience

Video is a way to bring your audience along on a journey that includes both sound and visual elements to engage their senses. Individuals today have an incredibly short attention span, and are assaulted on all sides from marketing messages and data. Creating a unique and compelling video is a way to draw them effectively into your story — whether you’re recruiting, selling or providing information — in a memorable way. This is especially true when the benefits you are attempting to convey are intangible.

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High-Quality Production

Our corporate video services include access to a wide variety of exceptional talent to help bring your vision to life. Our years of experience working with organizations and individuals alike allows us to accurately assess needs for your shoot, so you’re always receiving the highest possible quality while staying within your budget requirements. Pre- and post-production are just as important as shooting for your corporate event video, and our video editing facilities provide you with a polished and professional finished product.

Organized and Efficient

We excel at being respectful of your time and the time of any talent that are engaged on your corporate video project. Our schedules are well-planned, with appropriate room for adjustments in creative vision built in. Our team is here to provide whatever level of support you need for your next corporate video project — from multi-camera videography on location, editing, motion graphics and post-production effects to scriptwriting and final video encoding for web distribution.

Contact Elevate Media today to learn more and for a free consultation on your corporate video project. Whether this is your first time working with video or you are a seasoned pro, we will meet you at your comfort level to develop a step-by-step timetable that supports your business needs.