It shouldn’t be a surprise that complex ideas are best understood when the speaker takes the time to break each thought down into simple, targeted ideas — and this is exactly the concept behind animated explainer videos. These short takes help businesses tell the story for their brand in a very memorable way, with straightforward language and simplistic graphics.

Short, Compelling Videos

Telling your story in a succinct fashion can be challenging for even the most dedicated brand strategist. At Elevate Media, we can help you determine which aspects of your brand story are most important and help work with you to animate your message in a way that your audience will immediately grasp and understand. If your products or services often require a great deal of descriptions or conversation before prospects get your core value proposition, an animated explainer video is the ideal way to get your point across without a lot of undue explanation.

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Engaging Ideas

Putting your concepts into animated shorts allows people to pull multiple distinct concepts in a short period of time, through introducing new elements in a modular fashion. Animated explainer videos are used differently than brand videos, as they are meant to distill complex ideas by stimulating both visual and auditory senses — helping to improve retention of the ideas that are being presented. Inspire your viewers to take action by presenting exceptional animation, paired with talented voiceover professionals to create a truly unique experience for your business.

Capture the Essence of Your Idea

Whatever your success metric, animated explainer videos can help drive buying decisions, downloads of resources and engagement within your website and social media channels. These fun and interesting snippets are sure to make your prospects and customers stop what they’re doing and take notice of your brand — all while capturing the essence of your idea in an incredible visual format.

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